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Rev. Stuart Davidson - New Community Minister for Ferguslie and Paisley North


Rev Stuart Davidson started as our Community Minister in Paisley North End on Monday 14th August, 2017 - here is his story:


''Since believing in Jesus at an early age, I went on to become a member of the Church of Scotland at 17 and was ordained as an Elder in 1985, aged 23.


In the years following, I have joined various Kirk Sessions, led many Bible Classes, led and organised house-to-house visitations. I have during my years been a part of the Boys’ Brigade, led house groups, been involved in Prison Fellowship.


In my life/work experience prior to entering Ministry, I grew up in the Priority Area housing scheme of Westerhailes in Edinburgh. My working life included working for the Scottish Fishery Protection Service, living in the coastal town of Fraserburgh, the rural settings of the Isle of Skye and the Isle of Lewis.


I left the Fishery Protection Service and began my training for Ordained Ministry at New College in Edinburgh. Having been ordained and inducted to my first charge of St Mark's Parish Church, a Priority Area Parish in Stirling in 2008.


Over the years since I have been Chaplain in two local primary schools, been a Workplace Chaplain (5 years) for the local Fire Station, a Street Pastor for some 8 years (so far). I have enjoyed leading holiday clubs in partnership with Scripture Union over the last 7 years. The years have involved venturing into local missional projects such as Family Church, St Mark's @ Sainsbury's, the Raploch Fruit Barra, as well as engaging with other churches''

October 2018

Rev Stuart Davidson - Pioneer Minister,

Paisley North End, incorporating Ferguslie Park.


Good day everyone,


Here are just some of the highlights since I wrote back in April 2018.


Father's Love Letters - In August of this year, myself and two others have delivered 1,700 leaflets across all the houses within Ferguslie Park. So if you see us walking around “Feegy” please do say hello. Who knows we may even have bibles on us should you want one, please ask.


Tuesday Drop In - On Tuesday 29th May our own Drop in was started in the Elderly Forum part of the Tannahill Community Centre (Tanny).  This group run by myself and three other folks and meets every Tuesday from 0930 - 1130 am. The group arose from a desire from a local lass to see something Christian made available for people in the community.


The Drop in provides seated areas, refreshments, breakfast rolls, Christian background music/testimony times and relationship building around games of pool and table football. So far, this group has seen around 15 men and women cross the doors at various times and we are looking not only to enhance what we offer in terms of resources but also to host trips, etc. as we build relationships week by week.


Monday House-group - Our Monday house-group in Ferguslie Park from 7 - 9 pm has been a place where folks from the community and Drop in can come to find out more about Jesus. We use pretty easy Christian material and offer refreshments.


We’ve also seen the beginning of another Mid-day house group meeting again in the Tanny from 11.45 am to 1 pm every Thursday. We meet for lunch and then gather together to be Church in a small room in the Community wing.


Mossvale Primary School – I’ve taken on some of the workload from Rev Peter Gill and will lead a Harvest Assembly on Friday 12th October and take a small part in the Remembrance Day gathering in November. I’m looking forward to meeting more of the parents and children at the school as well as those involved with our local Glencoats Primary School in Ferguslie.


Team Builders Holiday Club - The Holiday Club went ahead from Monday 30th July - Friday 3rd August, including Sunday 5th August 2018. We had a two-hour program with the help of 16 team members from various churches and organisations.


Feedback from the groups of children at the club included one young boy saying he loved all of the club, the songs, activities and drama, he had great fun.


One older child loved hearing the stories from the adults about when they were young.


One child enjoyed saying how they felt and that they could say what they wanted without feeling embarrassed.


All in all it was a great event, great fun, great food and I cannot wait till next year. I could go on but I think I'll leave it there.


Depending on Jesus!

October 2018